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Life’s Little Pleasures

Anyone who knows me (and some who don’t) knows that I totally love cats.  And that I have two of my own, my constant companions waking and sleeping.  Not such a little pleasure as a steady one.  Or rather, two.

Here’s Kalima, now a few days short of six months, graduated from kittenhood into gangly adolescent ~

P1010268Her odd markings are becoming more pronounced, especially on her face and ears.

And lest anyone should have been concerned that Pikake would have trouble accepting the little devil-cat into the household, here’s information to allay your worries ~

P1010271And yet another reassurance ~

P1010272Snoozing on the couch in the sunshine.  Oblivious to my leaning in close with the camera.  What’s not to love??

Yes, they are an integral part of my life as a weaver.  Just not part of the weaving itself.

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Variety Pack

P1010230This is Kalima, who will be five months old in about a week.  She’s been part of the studio/household for about seven weeks, and is a Blue-Cream Tortie Point Siamese.  Quite unusual, and quite full of the proverbial kitten P & V.  Graceful and dorky, funny and sweet — she’s a wonderful addition to my life, and Pikake, after a few days of standoffishness, has become good pals with Kalima (which, by the way, is Hawaiian for “cream”).

On another topic, here’s a bit of proof that I’m actually working and not merely lollygagging about with the kittencats ~~

P1010237This is an up-close-and-personal look at the two Easter Egg scarves, woven during February as a final farewell to my beloved Baby Wolf loom before it went to its new owner.P1010242And this is the Judi’s Choice series of scarves, which began with a commission order and developed into a series (as usual) with a few tweaks from the original concept.  (My apologies for the cruddy photo, the result of trying to work fast before Kalima plunked herself down again on top of the scarves.)

P1010245This is a detail shot of one of them, so you can see the colors and textures clearly.  Lots of both!  Today I mailed off two of them; the third is being picked up tomorrow, so none are still available.  Another series will come off the loom in a week or so.  Pictures of them in process will appear here before that.

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