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Rolling Right Along

The Summer Nights series is finished and cut off the loom.  Here’s a sneak preview:

They’re in order as woven, left to right.  #3 is already spoken for; the other two will be subject to a friend’s scrutiny and choice, and the last one will either go to Raven Rocks Gallery, or to my showroom display here in the studio.  All three go home with me today, and will be vigorously washed and spun, then hung on my old wooden drying rack to mostly dry.  I’ll bring them back to the studio on Monday for final detailing — ironing, trimming, pricing and tagging.

What doesn’t show up well in this shot is the fabulous texture, created by nifty lumps of very shiny rayon randomly distributed throughout the warp yarn; the bumps pop off the surface of the cloth all over the place, catching and reflecting the light.  Magical!

I’m off home to do a minimalist Christmas celebration with my dear husband.  A happy and enjoyable day to all.

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Picking up the Pace

A few posts ago, I wrote that I was slowing down.  Well, yes and no.  No more shows at least, but plenty more work.  I’m on a roll, and it’s exhilarating.  Other folks are dashing about preparing for the seasonal holidays and celebrations, while I head to my studio and get to work.  The Summer Nights series will be finished today, and the first scarf in the Merlot series is done.  It’s wonderful.

The pattern is quite complex, and my point-and-shoot photography doesn’t give it its just due, so here’s another angle which gives a bit more information:

That’s taken down low toward the back of the loom where the finished cloth winds — under tension — onto the cloth beam.  These pieces will all go to Michael Stadler for professional photography when I’ve finished them — they’re going to be both so subtle and so elegant that I want them to be Properly Represented.

And now back to the loom to whack out the last two feet of Summer Nights . . . .

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